Sunday, June 14, 2009

School holidays

So fast, the school holidays are over. We have not been doing very much because I was reserving the big items for the long holidays in November/ December.

The first week of holidays, Ryan was at his school camp for half the day while Megan was at nanny's. I was having FGDs for the whole week and that pretty much took care of whatever energy I had to think and carry out any activity with Ryan.

the second week, Ryan and Megan were at nanny's on Monday and Tuesday. on Wednesday, only Megan went to nanny's while Ryan and i went to 1-Utama for a movie and a visit to Toys r Us. his daddy came along too.

Thursday saw us driving back to PD. thankfully Megan and Ryan were well behaved in the car, else I would probably have to stop somewhere to scream at them! A visit to my parents' place is always good as it is like a place for recuperation. Everyone sleeps and eats and sleeps some more.

Today is Sunday. Our drive back was smooth and school starts tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to school re-opening since I think it is better for Ryan to be learning and socializing in school than to be watching TV and screaming at nanny the whole day.

And as usual, I am looking forward to work too ...

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