Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stealing moments for myself

I honestly cannot remember what I used to do before I had Ryan in my spare time. I do know that I was very free though. I vaguely remember me and hubby going to the movies whenever we wanted.

Now, my me-time is very limited and very precious too. And this time need not be long and need not be far, just some minutes to myself.

Because of this, I have learnt to appreciate blogging time when the kids are asleep, the coffee time in the morning before work at the Imbi marketplace, breakfast time alone at home when the kids and hubby are still sleeping, jam time in the car listening to my favourite songs or cursing the stupid driver next/ in front/ behind me, window shopping time when I want to see all those clothes I know I cannot fit in and of course the gym time.

Heck, I even consider being able to pee quietly without the kids calling me my me-time too!

What about you? What is your me-time like??


Penny said...

One of my me time is right now, home alone, sitting in front of the computer reading blogs and eating chilled mangoes :D All the time during this me time, I keep hoping that Ryan will not stir from his afternoon nap yet!

Busy Bee said...

Wow! how nice! I am also thinking of some chilled mangoes now. Darn, where do I find them at this hour? And now, I am also hoping that my Ryan and Megan will not wake up ; )