Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of flying kites and glow sticks

Some weeks ago, we took Ryan and Megan to the park to fly a kite. Apparently there were loads of people at the particular park and we thought joining them would be loads of fun.

However, when we got there, it started to rain and then it poured! Arghh, all the way there and can't even get out of the car! But then, being the stubborn me, we waited in the car. And then, the rain started to slow down to a drizzle and then, it stopped!

Yay! We got down to get the kite going, but then there was no wind!! But we still refused to give up and got Ryan running along the park with the kite barely lifting off the ground! Poor boy. All this while, we were trying to convince him to stop trying to fly the kite since it was going to be tough with the slippery grass and all. Finally, out of breath, he threw the kite on the ground and proceeded to the playground.

Once on the swings and slides, there was no stopping him. He was enjoying himself so much that it was such a joy to see him. After a while though, the wind came back and we were finally able to fly that silly kite. Actually, it was WSL's kite since she came along to join in the fun as well.

All this while, I was thinking "Thank goodness Ryan did not see anyone selling glow sticks". Can you imagine if he saw them and then went on and on about wanting those glow sticks? I think I would have screamed (in my head, of course) at him for whining about it. I am very sure that he will like it and then I will at a lost as to where to buy them.

But thinking about it, have you seen anyone selling glow sticks lately? I want to know so that I won’t have to be at a lost should Ryan ever want to have it. I think kids should be exposed to it and have at least an idea on what it is.

So, do you know where I can find it?

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Anonymous said...

i think you should be able to get them at the specialised party shops. i think i saw it near my place recently.