Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of those nights

I had to observe some fieldwork tonight and I had the whole night planned out, or so I thought.

Megan was to be with nanny while hubby takes Ryan. I figured it is easier for everyone this way and I will pick Megan up when I finish.

However, the fieldwork started late and I had to take calls from hubby saying that Ryan was being difficult. I was half cursing and half wanting to just leave. In the end, I left.

When I got to nanny's, I was told that Megan was on hunger strike since sunset. Great, I have wonderful kids who knows when the sun goes down, mummy's coming and no other food is allowed. I don't know where this character comes from.

When I got home, hubby said Ryan was having a fever. Me, in a panic, did not know what to do first -change Ryan and get him to the hospital or to feed Megan and put her to sleep. Thankfully, hubby remained calm and got Ryan out the door to the hospital. I stayed at home and Megan was asleep in no time.

The wait at home was horrible. At some point, I called hubby and heard Ryan whining on and on. He told me he was in pain and that his stomach was upset. I cried and went into a mess again, not really sure what to do.

Sigh, having kids is really a whole new world. So much can potentially happen. So much can change in a second. I just received a call from hubby saying that Ryan is fine, he just has a normal fever, not the nasty swine thing which I was nervous about. I am so so relieved. Megan is sleeping like a baby now. And I am just thankful I have my brother around who is always called to be on stand by should the situation needs him. Bless his soul.

Now, have just made Ryan's milk and waiting for him to come home to me. What a night huh?


WSL said...

play in the rain some more :p
i also almost konk out ah...was going to ask u abt the kids.

JH said...

Take care ya !!!