Monday, June 22, 2009

Ryan's words on me

Last night, I was in one of my particularly agitated mood. And so, I was scolding both Ryan and Megan. Ryan - because he was constantly talking and could not finish asking his questions. Megan - she was being agitated too because she could not sleep although she was tired.

In the middle of me scolding them, Ryan asked "Mummy, why are you always scolding people?" I stopped momentarily. It never struck me that I was having this negative effect on him. I always thought that I was only doing it for their own good, never because I wanted to annoy him or anything like that.

What he said made a mark on me, I guess in my day to day chase of the tasks I need to complete, I lost sight of what they mean to me and how I should handle them. His words made me realise that to be a good mum, it is not easy. But it served to stop me in my tracks and reflect.

Ryan dearie, mummy is sorry for scolding you. Mummy will try to control a bit more thanks to your words. Hopefully tomorrow I am not so "mang chang".

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