Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I dropped my milk

I was cleaning the fridge last night when one of the ice-cream milk bags fell out. I had just put it in, so the milk has not frozen yet. The whole thing just fell on the floor with a soft thud and the milk were all over.

I had a sudden heartache. Although my production levels this time round is great, I still felt that I had wasted my precious liquid for Megan. I could not help but to feel a little agitated about myself. I supposed I should be thankful that it was the small tube that fell out instead of the big bag.

Sigh, breastfeeding is really not easy. I always feel very defensive about my stand to breastfeed and even more so when it comes to pumping and storing. I really hate people who ask me whether it is safe to feed a baby frozen and thawed milk, if it is fresh, if the nutrition is still there etc. And I always feel that I have to "protect" my stock, all the time.

To have one of them fall out the fridge and spill all over made me cringe with anger, at myself. Argh, stupid silly me!

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