Monday, June 22, 2009

Influenza A (H1N1) virus

The Star has this piece of news on line. And personally, I am very concerned about letting Ryan go to school tomorrow. There is just no certainty anymore about this. Seems to be anyone who is anyone could be affected by this virus.

And the weather lately has not been helping too. We seem to get sore throat and fever and flu quite easily. And all these are symptoms of this terrible flu.

Some weeks back when Ryan had a fever, we rushed him to the hospital fearing the worst but thankfully, he was alright. Back then, we did not have any children in schools being infected. Now we do. I am just thinking how we will be handling it if any of our kids suddenly develop fever or anything like that. Do we immediately rush them to the hospital? Do we wait to see if our usual fever medicine works first? I am really at a lost.

I just texted my kid's principal asking her if she thinks it is still safe for the kids to go to school. I am not sure what I am expecting her to say, I guess I just want to get it out of my system. As it is now, I am very worried.

What about you? Have you pulled you kids out of school? Are you staying indoors more? Or am I overly paranoid?

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Kiasu Mom said...

Busy Bee, I think it is perfectly normal to be paranoid. This is no joke. We adults can suffer but not the kids.

Since the flu started, I am not bringing Hayley out as often as we used to. Not going to take the risk.