Sunday, July 5, 2009

Should I get an iphone?

For a while now I have been thinking about getting the iphone. I know, I know, it has been out in the market for a while now. But I have always been slow when it comes to techie stuff. I am a confirmed techie blur.

The reason why I cannot shake it off my head is because Maxis has this huge billboard right down the road I take everyday to work. It is always there right smack to my face. It really looks very nice and sleek, the sort of phone you won't mind taking if out of your bag often.

I really do not know much about the full specs, but I think it is suffice to know that anything that Apple does should be quite user friendly. My only other thing from Apple is my ipod and it is great.

A friend of mine has one of the earliest ones when it was launched. I must say that it is quite a stunner. However, one of the things you must constantly do is to download its latest updates to its software. I wonder if a techie blur like me will be able to handle it though.

She also showed me its touch screen functionality and said it was great for playing games, something her little 5 year old is already good with. Hmm, not really something I want Ryan to see though. I do not want him hooked to my laptop AND my phone!

Of course, as with all things from Apple, I am sure there are loads of accessories which will help enhance its looks and functions. Most basic ones that I can think of will be the iphone accessories, iphone charger and the iphone cases.

However, one big big thing for me is the price tag. With that amount of money, I can actually pay a whole year of Megan's insurance premium! And I also wonder with its high end specs and all, how long will it take before it becomes obsolete?

Sigh, so many questions, do you think it is worth getting?


Kiasu Mom said...

I would say go for it.... sometimes we need to reward ourselves for all the hard work. If its something you can afford without burning a big hole in your pocket, go for it. If not now, then when?? :-)

WSL said...

yes yes..then tell me if i shud get one :p

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - I am also wanting it, but it is sure to burn a hole in my pocket! How leh?

WSL - Aiya, you can la, you don't have kids to think about ma.