Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good things come despite the heart ache

Some weeks ago, my little Ryan encountered a very unpleasant situation at the baby sitter's. You can read it here. Although at that time I was very sad, I am actually glad that it happened. I'll tell you why.

2 days after that episode, the baby sitter's husband (who was obviously still annoyed with me for pointing out that he cannot smack my son) came up to me and said that he will give me till the end of the month to find another sitter since he has already gotten another baby to look after. Imagine my anger at him doing this to me. Long story short, I later found out that it was all him and my sitter was quite embarrassed about it.

Anyway, that outburst from him triggered a chain of events which ultimately worked out better for Ryan.

Firstly, we have gotten Ryan to be in day care at the school. He gets to enjoy himself with his friends and have fun activities all afternoon. One good thing is that he has no TV. And instead of sleeping for 2 hours during the day, he only naps for 45 minutes, which is a good thing since he does not need much persuasion at night to sleep.

Secondly, it made me realise what a wonderful school and its teachers Ryan has. They were very supportive of me and the principal was really a dear. Because of this, Megan will start there earlier, which means my little girl will be well taken care of.

And then there is this Auntie M who was introduced by a dear friend of mine. She ferries Ryan from the school to the sitter's daily. Apparently, she is quite a dear lady from what I hear from Ryan.

And Megan gets the sitter's undivided care since she does not need to run after Ryan so much. I am sure temper flares are not as much at the baby sitter's too since it is just the baby and no pre-schooler who has a mind of his own!

Looking back, I am kind of glad Ryan got smacked and I caught it. Else, these good things will not be happening so soon. What is more, we will also be getting a maid when we shift to the new place. Again, this would not have been if the baby sitter's husband did not get all wacky on me.

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