Monday, August 10, 2009

Megan is 7 months old

Yesterday, Megan turned 7 months.

And accordingly, these are the things she would be able to do now:

1) Sit unaided. Megan is doing more of this now than before. She is able to balance herself so that even if she falls, she actually just slides sideways rather than full on backwards. However, she cannot sit for long, most about 5 minutes or less.

2) Use her hands to reach, grasp, bang, shake and poke. Yup, already doing this since last month. Boy, can she make those noise!

3) Busy practicing her ablility to handle objects. She does not show any preference to her hands, uses both quite easily. Able to hold on to things very well. Can also pull at hair very strongly! Ouch!

4) She also has developed another insight into the nature of objects. When she drops a toy from her walker, she will follow the object and look down to see where it is. She will also be able to verbalise herself and make known that she has dropped something and would like us to help pick it up.

5) Another sign of increased understanding is her ability to go back to an activity after being briefly interrupted. This is a sure thing since she is constantly interrupted by Ryan.

6) Peek-a-boo is a top favorite at this age; another indication that Megan is learning that objects which disappear from sight are not necessarily gone forever.

So there, isn't it quick? Megan is 7 months already. And she is looking more and more like a pretty little girl now.

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