Monday, August 17, 2009

My babies are sick

This nasty habit of falling sick has to really stop.

2 weeks ago, Ryan came down with a cough and flu. Thankfully there was no fever and so that nasty virus was ruled out. However, his cough came with vomit as he was trying to take out the phlegm that was compounding itself in his throat.

Ryan missed 2 days of school. By the third day, he was looking forward to school. Good.

And because my kids are so affectionate, Ryan was still kissing and kissing Megan when he was sick despite us telling him not to. So guess what? Megan fell sick too!

My poor baby girl started with the flu and then progressed to cough. We tried to pry Ryan away from Megan, but guess what? It is too tough!!! In the end, I left them be. I did not want to hurt Ryan's feelings and made him feel like he was responsible for his sister's illness. I prayed that my milk would be able to make her feel better.

However, a week on the medication and yet, her flu and cough is not gone yet. Ryan, meanwhile, has been getting better by the day. Arggh.

My poor baby Megan has been coughing her lungs out and have been having mucus running really badly but thankfully, she does not fuss much else mummy will be in a panic zone!

I hope with the new round of medication, Megan will recover faster. Ryan is ok now but has the occasional sneeze. Sigh, I really cannot stand my babies getting sick. I am ready to be the one who is sick on their behalf and spare them of all these discomfort.

Here's hoping that tomorrow will be a good recovery day!

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Kiasu Mom said...

Poor thing.. I hope they both recover soon.