Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunch time talk

Today I had lunch with a group of ex-colleagues at KLCC. It has been quite a while since I last saw them. PP is married, HL is back in Malaysia after an overseas stint and GY has just got herself a job near my office. We were all from the same unit in my previous company.

The conversation started rather easily with courteous "how-are-you, I-am-fine-thank-you". As we ordered and progressed during lunch, the conversation took a turn I had never imagined. The topic was on DOGS!!

HL and I were very stunned at how the conversation took a change as PP and GY continued on and on about how they take care of their dogs. The one thing which made me laugh quite a lot is that both their dogs live in an apartment, in the toilet. Key difference is that PP's dog not only get the fan, air purifier, the dog also gets a radio playing all day long! GY's dog does not have the radio but has the grand things a dog should have.

And then there was the question about toilet training the dogs and led them to look at me asking how I toiler trained my son. Er, probably not the best person to know. Then PP said she is looking for a trainer to toilet train her dog so that it will eat, sleep and s*** at a certain time. After laughing, we asked if she does her business at a set time too ... she said "Yes ah!" *Doink*

Not only that, PP is also reading books on how to handle tantrums, tempers and stubbornness, much like how I would be reading on Ryan. The funny thing is that these dogs training books are still behind time. They believe that if your dog shows stubbornness, you should be more stubborn so that he does not over power you. Hmm ... the kids' books have since revolutionised from then.

GY's dog on the other hand does not have loneliness issues since her mum will be visiting often during the day. But she is adamant about having the dog toilet trained and her thinking is that "...yes, when the dog is 5 months old, have to train before it gets out of hand!" Hmmm .... my boy is 4 years old and still wearing his diapers at night. What does that say about me??

And then there is the issue of bathing them. GY says that she bathes her dog herself. Being the hair ball it is, after bathing would mean it has gone out of shape! PP's dog on the other hand is sent to the salon - RM20 each time, which is more expensive than my car's bath!

By the time lunch ended, we were laughing non-stop. At one point, they were talking about getting dog's sanitary pads .... and disposable diapers. I am very amused at how things have changed over the years since we have knows each other.

I had kids, someone has gone to Singapore to work and gained a whole lot of experience, someone else swore by the train and now drives to work, someone else has matured into the motherly kind to have dogs and all to care and love for.

And oh ya, the dogs took such a centre stage that nobody was paying much attention to my little girl's photos!!

And before I forget, PP said to ask if anybody out there knows of dog trainers who can help train her dog to eat, sleep and s*** at a certain time. Leave a comment if you do ok?


Anonymous said...

i think you can try the per shop in the Curve. My dog was trained to ear, sleep and s*** at the same time everyday when she was born. It is good to train them before they grow too big and stubborn.

Actually my dog is also too pampered, she sleeps in an air-con room on top of what your friends have mentioned. :-)

Jimi said...

No picture? I think your blog look better if you've got pictures in it.

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Busy Bee said...

Anonymous - Haha, thanks for the tip, I will pass it along.

Jimi - Agree with you, will try to have some next time. But no particular photos for this post though.