Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You think my boy is a kaki ampu?

This happened yesterday morning as we were rushing (again!) out the door.

Me: Hullo, please go drink your milk.
(I was cooking Ryan's lunch for him to bring to daycare, a little stressed out since we were late)
Ryan: Wow mum, are you cooking for me?
Me: Yes, I am dear
Ryan: Mum, you are such a good cook-er.

And then as we were trying to get everyone out with their clothes and shoes on ...

Me: Now, if you do not wear your shoes, I am going to leave you behind here.
(Ryan was still busy playing with his sister)
Ryan: My two princess, you are my big princess, she is my small princess. My 2 princess!

And then some days back as I was preparing for work, I came out looking all frizzy haired and my son says this to me "Wow mum, you look so pretty today!"

Doink or not?


wsl said...

like mother like son :)

JH said...

I agree with WSL - like mother like son ;)

Kiasu Mom said...

Hahahaha.. ampu or not at least he put a smile on your face.