Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am determined to spread the word on breastfeeding!

Today's The Star carried an article about mummies who could not breast feed and how society has viewed them and the agony of it all.

As I was reading this article, I felt a sense of regret for mummies who want to breast feed but could not for whatever reasons. Over the years, most of the mummies I know who could not feed successfully was because they were not properly informed, or they lacked support.

And in these instances, they could have been avoided if only someone was there to offer support and guidance. Some mummies tell me they are convinced that they do not have milk because their breasts are small, their mothers could not do it too, their kids reject them, the nipples are sore, they are too tired, the baby is not full, the baby is always waking up to feed, their babies are nursing too long etc.

I always feel sad when I hear this. I really wish there was a way to reach these mothers to share with them the experience and the knowledge. I think that for mummies who tried and failed, you should always remember that you are great mothers anyhow.

I feel blessed that I am able to give my babies the best and I intend to help spread the word on this God sent nutrition to as many mothers as I can. One of the ways I know which can help prepare us in advance is to attend talks on breastfeeding. I attended one sometime back which was conducted by Gina. You can read about it here. Although I consider myself an experienced breast feeding mum, I still learnt a thing or two from this course. It is really worth it, please check it out. I think the next one is running early next month, sign up now!


Gina Yong said...

Thank you busybee on yr passion for breastfeeding. Yes it's truly sad that most of the moms who did not breastfeed couldn't do so due to the lack of support and not because they lack determination. The next class is on Sept 5!!

Busy Bee said...

Thanks Gina. Really helps with people like you around to provide all those missing links. Keep it up!