Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What should I do now?

I am very upset now and I am at a lost.

Just now I went to pick Ryan and Megan and found Ryan sobbing. He told me that the nanny's hubby smacked him. When probed, he showed me his thigh and true enough, he had a hand print on his thigh!

OMG! I nearly fainted. I gave birth to this little guy and I have never done this to him. I was half thinking if I should scream and lash out, but then I thought, I still needed them tomorrow for my kids. I chose instead to firmly ask why and what has caused all this to happen.

Apparently Ryan was mad about not being able to drink his Vitagen and he had started to throw things around and he nearly hit Megan will one of his flying objects. I am not denying that Ryan has a temper nor am I denying that he needs some discipline, but to be smacked so hard? I think not.

His daddy and I discussed about it and thought that perhaps it is better to send Ryan to the day care in the school and have the nanny's husband come pick him at 6pm so that the time spent at nanny's is minimal. But I also thought about how little time Megan and Ryan would have.

I am really at a lost now. I am afraid that this may repeat and then, I would really lose my cool with the nanny's husband. I am thinking if I should get a maid, but then the horror stories are too much to bear.

What should I do? What should I do? Any ideas?


Kiasu Mom said...

Busy Bee, I think it is ok for kids to get a smack once in a while when they misbehave but maybe you want to remind the nanny to be gentler if there is a next time.

To me, whatever happens, the most important thing is that they (the nanny) will tell me the truth when I asked or even if I dont ask.

As for maids, unless you have someone at home to watch over the maid, don't get one!

Bengbeng said...

i am sorry but i think u should let matters be. Values need to be taught at a tender age. Being overprotective can b counter productive.

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - Yes, I agree that children need to be taught when they misbehave but I am not sure I agree that a third party should be doing it though.

Sigh, it just hurts me too damn much!

Bengbeng - Yes, I agree that overprotective can be counter productive, but I also think that it is my duty to be protective of my children.

Therein lies the problem - how much of protective makes it overprotective?

Parenting is not easy at all!

Gina Yong said...

I think that I would feel awful if a third party would do the disciplining with my kids. I don't mind other people scolding my kids when they're wrong, but somehow, I feel like I'm the only one who has the authority to smack or cane. Even when hubby smack them, I sometimes don't feel happy (but I let it be, as daddy has the right too)

Maids aren't that bad... I've good experiences with them.... but then, I don't work 9-5, so I do get to be at home most time.

Ai-Ling said...

ouch! that sure hurts a lot. i guess a good alternative is to put ryan at the daycare and let his nanny's hubby pick him up at 6pm.

you don't feel really bad about separating ryan and meg. they'll begin to treasure more that little time that they share together from 6pm onwards :)