Sunday, October 25, 2009

Megan bumps her head again!

My little girl has a knack for hurting herself.

She will literally crawl off the bed, couch or any other higher ground. And although she does not fall over when she is sitting, she has this way of "sliding" off balance a little while she is trying to reach for something and then WHAM! she hits her head.

Or sometimes when she is trying to stand and her force was too strong, she will sit herself down real hard and then WHAM! falls backward again!

And then there are the times where she will fall on her toys or her brother's toys etc.

Just a coupld of days ago, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes after dinner. I left both of them playing with toys in the living room. Half way, I heard Megan screaming. She had fallen off the couch! Apparently Ryan carried her up the couch and then she attempted to come down by crawling off it!

She got herself a brand new bruise with a bump on her forehead. Thankfully she was easily consoled. 2 days down the road, she has developed a dark bruise, but did not appear to be bothering her much. When I asked what happened, Ryan merely shrugged!

Is it just him or is this a typical boy trait?

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