Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smart alec conversations with Ryan

Lately, Ryan has been building his vocabulary really quickly. And he is also getting more and more expressive when he talks. And this is of course both a joy as well as a hair tearing experience.

Some examples are ...

One morning, Ryan was really slow in finishing his breakfast in the car, so I did what every mother would do - threaten.
ME: If you do not finish your bread by the time we reach the school, I will pack everything and let you eat in front of Mrs. M (his school principal, and he is afraid of her)
RYAN: Aiyo, mummy, I don't like you always say Mrs. M, Mrs. M, Mrs. M la. I really don't like to hear it.
ME: *blink*

While in the lift one night from nanny's
RYAN: Mum, what is 1-3?
ME: Thirteen (13)
RYAN: What is 2-0?
ME: Twenty (20)
RYAN: What about 3-4?
ME: Thirty four (34)
RYAN: Wow, mum, you sure know a lot of numbers!
ME: *beam* *beam*

Plenty more to come - I lost track of all the things he said ... let me try to remember them first. Motherhood has taken a toll on my memory.

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