Sunday, October 25, 2009

Setting goals with Ryan

We have heard this before. In order to succeed, we must plan and set out goals. And this needs to be cultivated into a habit.

Jim Rohn was playing my car again when I was sending Ryan to school last week. And when this topic on setting goals came on, I asked Ryan what his goals are. True to his nature, a line of interesting conversation took place.

RYAN: What is goals?
ME: It means something you want, something you want to achieve.
RYAN: What is achieve?
ME: Something you want to do. Something you want to get.
RYAN: Oh, ok. Let's start with car. I want a car, I want a train, I want a truck, I want a crane, I want a bus, I want a lorry.
ME: Wow, let me write it down.
RYAN: Let's talk about animals. I also want a monkey, I want a chick, I want a tiger, I want a snake, I want a duck.
ME: Why would you want a snake?
RYAN: I like.

Later that night, we were preparing for bed and Ryan said "Mum, let's talk about my goals. Let's talk about food."

And to him, "goals" was "gold" to him cause he was going on and on about having goals which can be used to buy him books and enables him to go to school.

Hmm, not a bad start huh to getting my 4 year old started on setting goals. I shall write his next set of goals too in order to see how it will change over time.

For now, I am happy that he is linking "goals" to "gold". Should be easy to make him see the link as he gets older.

What about you? Do you set goals for yourself? Do you set goals for your children?

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