Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Megan's porridge

We started Megan with her porridge some 3 weeks back. This was as a follow-up to her diet of baby's first cereals.

When I first started Ryan with porridge, we had used Marmite. I was also a little gung ho and started him on a lot of ingredients. I then had problems trying to determine which food group was giving him his eczema.

With Megan, I went slow and introduced one food group at a time. While it was a little nerve wrecking, it was also better. To date, Megan has eaten tomatoes, potatoes, gei zhi, quinoa, carrots, pumpkin, french beans, cauliflower, taufu, some bread and also fruits. So far, so good.

Megan is also a dear, taking all this well and willingly. The only thing is that, she has been protesting in having her teeth cleaned. She would scream each time I stick my fingers into her mouth. Sigh, how can I tell her that it is no pain and that in the long run, mummy can save money by her having clean teeth leh?

What about you? What was your experience in preparing porridge for your babies like? Mine has been filled with adventures ; )


Kiasu Mom said...

For someone who doesn't know how to cook (ME), it was indeed challenging. Plus the kiasu me was concerned that she didn't get enough nutritions at the babysitter's on weekdays that I put lots of ingredients into her porridge on weekends. The porridge ended up with lots of mixed taste and my little girl didn't like it.. hahaha.

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - I totally understand your worry about them not getting enough nutrients during the weekdays. I felt the same too, which is why I feel better now as I cook for Megan in the morning to bring to the baby sitter.

Kiasu Mom said...

You have time to cook in the morning before going to work? How did you do that?

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - By getting up early lor ... that is why I always have insufficient sleep, sigh.