Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My 4 year old knows spelling and additions!

To date, Ryan knows how to spell the following:

1) O-N-E
2) T-W-O
3) T-H-R-E-E
4) F-O-U-R
5) F-I-V-E
6) S-I-X
7) S-E-V-E-N
8) His name

He learnt how to spell the numbers as a result of being with my mum for 3 days when I was in Redang. Apparently, my mum taught him this in between all the chaos you would expect when taking care of a pre-schooler and a baby. Now, how is it that I could not do this??

And that is not the only great development he has, I found out recently that he was also able to perform additions, although it is limited to the number of fingers on each hand he has. Pretty cool for a year old huh?

If you ask him what is 4 + 1? He will show 4 fingers on one hand and another 1 finger on the other hand and proceed to count all of them to obtain the answer.

I think I was in Primary 1 before I could do this ... kids nowadays really can do wonders, makes me more stressed than ever to keep up with them!

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