Friday, January 12, 2007

Clean clean clean

Chinese New Year is coming and my house is in a mess!!!

Every year while I clean, I vowed never to keep unwanted things and always make sure I keep things back from where I took them - never happens my dear, never happens.

So this year, I have started early. I cleaned out the drawers in my bedroom during Christmas and organized them nicely. Now, I have to do occasional tidying, but it is still ok.
I have also threw out some handbags last weekend, it shocked my hubby cause he was wondering how many hands I have!!!

I have also started to clean out the kitchen cabinets and surprised myself cause I never knew I had so much rubbish in them.

So the plan is this weekend, I will work on my shoe cabinet and the Part 1 of the bookshelves.

Now, if only I had stopped buying things .....


wsl said...

wanna do my house too?

Busy Bee said...

*showing you my tongue*

BTW, I did not get to do what I had planned last weekend.
I only managed to clean some book shelves and re-order Ryan's books. My dining table is in a mess cause I TEMPORARILY parked all my stuff there while waitting to be tidied.

There is always this weekend though...