Monday, January 15, 2007

Thoughts keeping

When Ryan was only an inch long and thriving in me, I used to keep a lovely book about how I feel, almost on a daily basis and it wa nicely decorated with stickers and nice papers.

Shortly after Ryan was born, I started to blog and managed to write down some incidents which marked Ryan's milestones.

Then about a year ago, I discovered that the blog was not proper for me to pen in private thoughts and feelings, so I started a journal again with words which I would like to whisper to Ryan and only for him to know. And so I bought a really nice notebok and started to write, The last time I picked it up again, I was horrified tha the entries have stopped as of April 2006!!

Over the weekend, I went to Border's and saw that they were having 50% off on calendars and diaries for 2007. Stingy me browsed through them and found a befitting caldendar entitled Moms ... wow! how nice. Now I can read something nice and also get to write down my feelings on the paper before I paste it on a notebook.

Now, let's hope that this is something I can sustain.
My fear is that Ryan grows so fast that I missed all his litte little moments.

Maybe this will be one of my resolutions?

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