Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A typical class

Yesterday I blogged about signing up Ryan at Gymboree.

There are many levels there, depending on the age of the child and there are also many types of classes - Play, Music, Arts and Yoga Fun. Being the kiasu mum that I am, I signed him up for Play, Music and Arts.

We went for 2 Play classes and typically, it will be like this. They sing a welcome song, greeting everyone and then proceed to the activity of the day. The first class was all about climbing and the second one was more of jumping. So the kids will go about the gym equipment there and climb, crawl and jump around.

The first time there, Ryan clung on us and refused to get down. Howevr, when we got to the second class, Ryan warmed up within 5 minutes. Phew! What a relief!!

There are also balls which the kids will play with and practice their ball throwing skills. Each kid will be taught to line up for their turn, so no rough play and cutting cues. Kids are also taught patience as there may be kids before them who are not done with the activity yet, and so they have to wait patiently for their turns.

Then there is a bouncing tube - like the shape of a banana boat where the kids will sing and then pat the tube for a thundering effect. They are also taught to listen to the music and then "do-as-I-do", so when the music stops, all hands on the head!!

The end of the class is usually where the parents and kids will sit on the floor and sing some nursery rhymes while helping the kid act out the songs. Then there is the parachute time where the kids sit in the middle of the parachute and the parents sing songs to them while tugging the parachute. Part of the song also needs the parents to create waves with the parachute. There is also the bubble time on the parachute where the teachers will blow soap bubbles and kids sitting on the parachute will pop the bubbles.

Lastly, there is Gymbo the clown who will make an appearance with well-wishes to the child and hope to see them again soon.

So, this is what a typical Play class is like.
Will update on what goes on in a Music/ Arts class when Ryan attends one.

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