Monday, January 8, 2007


2 Sundays back, we brought Ryan to Gymboree for a trial class.
It was one of those freebies which you cut out from parenting magazines and somehow, you will end up signing for the full course.

The reasons I had to send him there were two-fold.
One, I would like him to socialize with other kids and learn about social skills e.g. taking tunrs to play, tolerant of each other and also learn about having fun with other people. Of course, they do not actually tell the child these things, but through play, the child will catch on.

Secondly, I am thinking of sending Ryan to pre-school when he is 3 years old and I did not want him to go into school without having a taste of it. While this isn't exactly school, it still has elements of it - like the teacher, the kids, the structure of the session.

I must admit that I surprise myself at being this kiasu. I had been having a lot of conversations with mothers lately and NOT a single one was happy with the progress of their kids and INSISTED that their child could have learned so much more if they had sent them earlier.

So I guess that I am one of them now.
And I am so afraid that Ryan will not be able to catch up and also afraid that we will not have enough money to send him to further studies etc. etc.
Hubby thinks I am nuts, but still ....

Anyway, I will update later on what actually goes on in a typical class. For now, I am happy that Ryan is happy in his little class.

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Fafa said...

Mother, you worry too must ... I believe your hubby agree with me ;p
And later on, you and your hubby will be debating whether to send Ryan to Chinese school or local govement school ... more headache