Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ryan's funny moments

Recently we have noticed some funny things which Ryan does.

Whenever he can't get his way, he will throw a tantrum and cry. Lately he has taken this a step further and threw himself on the floor and start to cry and cry. His father and I just cannot help but laugh at what he is doing. It is really a fuuny sight and after not getting any response from us, he will usually stop crying and pick himself up.

The other funny thing is that after all the months of shaking his head when he refuses something, he has now learned to say "Ng-moi" and then turn his head away. He also learned to say "No No No No", exactly 4 times - to the tune and way which I usually say to him. It is really funny and we will be amused by him.

From a young age, we have used two things to frightened him - a male cat (said in Hakka) and worms .... I doubt he knows what these looked like, but the very mention of these things is enough to make him obey our instructions. He knows what a cat is like, but when we say "male cat" in Hakka, it is something different altogether!

I am going home now, looking forward to some more funny moments with Ryan.


wsl said...

looks like u r missing him at the end of ur work day.
anyway..its amazing..all kids behaved the same ke. D is the same too...his fav word now is BU YAO (dun want!)..and yes..he does throw tantrums when he doesnt get what he wants are God's most amazing creation!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It’s funny, isn’t it? They’re all kids growing up in different environments and yet they seem to exhibit similar reactions to situations.

Mine just crossed their first milestone. One year! They’ve taken a fancy to my handbags and my bling bling. They love to open up the handbags to rummage around, or take out the contents inside one by one. And then there’s the fascination with the bling bling. They love my pearls and dangling earrings (which can be a very painful disaster) and everything that’s shiny. Perhaps it’s innate in little girls.

Oh, and I’ve taken up yoga for more than a month now. You should try. Other than the obvious benefits of working up a sweat and getting some exercise done, it’s also very good to help you relax and focus.

Busy Bee said...

Haha ... yup it is true, all kids are amazing!!

And I also have the same problem of Ryan rumaging my bags. I now have to remember to zip up the bags every time I open them. The other day Ryan took out my wallet and was facinated with the red papers in them. Thankfully I got to him first, else there goes my RM10 notes!!