Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flowers ripping

Last Saturday Ryan and I attended a wedding dinner of a friend. The whole setting was really beautiful, complete with red and white roses everywhere you turn.

Dear Ryan was so caught up with the roses that he decided to rip them apart and scattering them on the floor.

Picture on the side shows his feelings when asked how he felt (which was GOOD!! thus his finger). Notice his fingers are already red as a result of ripping too many red roses. The petals on the floor are testament to his doing.

Wonder if he will rip girls' hearts when he is older??


wsl said...

u tot him to show 'finger' too!

hami said...

elo elo long time no read.. hehe. Wah the baby so big ady ahhh... and ya lo why you teach him show "finger" ??? hehe**

Busy Bee said...

WSL - No lah, the finger thingy is his own thing, I did not teach him at all!!

Hami - thanks for dropping by! Yeah, baby is big already, going to be 2 very soon.

Fafa said...

haar ... what do you mean "going to be 2 (two??) very soon" .. ehh .. share the good news ler