Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hectic week

I had a really hectic week and have lots to say.
Unfortunately, my new office did not have access to this website and so, I could not blog as often as I would like.
Therefore, it is likely that I will only blog during the weekends when Ryan is sleeping or at night, if I still have the energy.

I started my new job on 3rd January 2007. It had a different feel to it, unlike my previous place. This felt a little colder, a little distant, maybe because it is new. There was no parking allocated to me, so I left home early in order to park next to my building. I got into the car park at about 8am, and there were still many places. I settled down for some light reading.

After about 30 mins, I got down my car and gathered a few things and there I was, walking towards my new job. I felt a little anxious, a little scared and a little concerned.

I got into the office, greeted a few people, then settled in my desk. It was definitely smaller than my old place. Hmmm .... the people were a lot younger and there was a sense of stressed in the air. It is funny how sometimes we never really think about the plus points of our previous jobs until we go into our new jobs and look back at all the little things which have made a difference to our lives.

I had to attend a HR briefing and then had like an inch of forms to fill and then open a bank account for salary transfer. I was then told that we would have our existing credit card with the bank CANCELED cause it was not allowed by Bank Negara. Silly silly silly, they will cancel your card and transfer your credit balance, but they will not transfer your points. What?! So, I now have to make use of my points, otherwise, they will be forfeited and they are not enough yet to redeem items I like. Arghh!!

The whole day whisked by and by the time I ended, I was dead tired.

The following days flew by and I was already experiencing info overload.
I was looking forward to the weekend. Before I knew it, the weekend is gone again.

How do I feel about my new job? Hmm ... both excited and still a little concern.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Dear Busy Bee

First. Thank you for your nice little pressie. Finally reached me today. I will read it this week because my in-laws are in town and they've ursurped my TV throne. (I've only got one TV in the entire house and my F-I-L has decided that it's a good place to park himself and his beers every evening. So there goes my evening entertainment.)

Second. Hope you're coping well with the job. I guess the first 2 paragraphs of your blogs essentially sums up the industry. I mean, I was once from this industry and it operates at a faster speed, a less forgiving pace and is overall, a more stressful environment. Nothing that you can't get used to after a while but it will take a while to adapt so take it easy there. I've got a good friend who's the head honcho of a HR department of an international company. The rules of thumb are : you'll need around 3 months to settle into a job, and about 2 years for the company to be able to get an accurate assess of your contributions and your value. And the people who stay beyond 2 years usually go into the fifth year quite comfortably. The next pothole is between the 5th and 7th year.

I am digressing. But you get the point. Be prepared for some rough times and getting used to in the first few months. But you'll find your own beat after a while.

Third. I'm contemplating part-time employment. I tendered my resignation last week. Looking forward to a few years of staying at home with the kids. But the employer's keen to offer a part-time arrangement. Well, if it's attractive, I might just take it up. We'll see how that works out.

Finally. hope the new year's gotten off to a good start for you! And may Ryan be healthy, happy and obedient! : ))

Anonymous said...

hang in there..i m v sure..u wil do just FINE!

Fafa said...

I agree with WSL ... you will do just as fine as always.