Friday, December 29, 2006

My busy day

Today is the first day that I do not have to go to work.
Nevertheless, it is still as busy.

I first sent Ryan to nanny's, then went to Public Bank to take my cheque books. They were not ready yet and I had to come back later in the evening.

Then, I went to close my Time Deposits and paid some of my credit card balance. After that, I went to open an online CDS account - cause I was told the brokerage fee is lower, not that I trade much anyway, just wanted to "own" one.

I then drove into town to get a copy of my SPA from my lawyer. I have this great plan of withdrawing from EPF to repay my housing loan you see. Next, a drive to pick up my colleagues (ex-colleagues) for lunch at Sg. wang. I needed to eat, collect my altered pants and buy a hard disk. After walking around, we left and I was rather disappointed cause I did not find any accessories that I liked.

The traffic was light and so, after dropping them back to the office, I took a longer drive to go Old Town. There, I paid a visit to PBB and HSBC. Arghhh ..... I had to wait a while in both banks.
By the time I finished, the time was already 4pm. EPF was closed. Arghh!!!!!

Then I drove back to the PBB branch near my house to collect my cheque book, thinking that I can make it for my beauty session at 5pm. Wow! I was stunned that the traffic going into Mid Valley was EXTREMELY jammed!!! I gave up and did a U-turn.

Then I thought, maybe I should pay a visit to Lake Fields ... and I did. The houses were very nice and the access roads were good. Even before the whole development is completed, I can already envisioned the beauty of the place. I am even more determined to buy one here, hmm ... need more convincing power for hubby.

Phew! Home at last at about 5.30pm, I got home. I bought myself a Drumstick and stuck my legs up watching Friends.

There goes my day after quitting for a day.
Very busy indeed .... and I am so sleepy now.

Good night people!!

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