Saturday, December 23, 2006

MILLIONAIRES are from a different PLANNET!

The above book is written by Azizi Ali.

I was
introduced to this author and have since read 2 of his books.
For you who do not know, Azizi Ali is a commercial pilot turned millionaire. Hence this book is written.

Basically this book talks about how one can take control of one's finances and set one's money to work and live a happier life. It is all about managing personal finance and how this in turn will set you on a road to a brighter and better financial future.

Books of this sort are usually written in a technical way and can be quite dry. However, Azizi Ali has successfully turned this subject of managing personal finances into quite an interesting read. I have even managed to squeeze in a laugh or two in some of the funnier chapters.

This book is most suitable for me when I am stuck in a jam as it is a light read and does not require me to punch in numbers while balancing the book and the steering wheel!

It has received quite a fair bit of positive reviews, so no harm buying it for some light reading on managing money to become a millionaire.

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