Monday, December 4, 2006

Marriage Stress

I came across this posting on Mumsgather ( and thought that I should blog about it.

Before we had Ryan, our marriage life was good. We stayed out of each other's hair, we have our own circle of friends and our own things to do. We'd get together for an outing/ movie in the weekends and life was pretty much easy. We couldn't believe that we were married at that time!

However, we learnt the true meaning of marriage and what it stands for when we had Ryan. The last 2 years saw us having many fights, endless arguments, our worst selves actually.
There were many times when I thought about how my marriage has gone from bliss to this terrible shouting game. Many times I have asked myself it this is what I had agreed to when I said "I DO". Our arguments were petty and it had a lot to do with our differences in raising kids, handling finances, outlook on life etc.

When we were courting, we were drawn to each other's differences and so thought "Opposites attract". But when you are married and decisions need to be made, the "Opposites" do not really attract anymore!

However, having said all that, we are still having more good times than bad, so that has got to say something!

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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Kiasu Mom said...


I can so relate to this now. I am having the same issues as you. How did you resolve it? Did it eventually go away? I am really keen to know.

I dont know if its the tiredness or the stress out life that are contributing facts to all these arguments. We argue even for small issues and big issues and everything seems to be an issue. Sometimes it lasted for days and sometimes weeks!

And you are right, life is so different before the baby. Is every couple the same? I know my sis and me experienced it. I hope it will eventually go away.. sigh..