Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trip down memory lane

I needed to get to an ATM machine.
And the nearest one to me at that time was the one at Puduraya.
I walked up the steel stair case in my heels .. click clock click clock I went.

I was half expecting the beggars to be on the bridge, there was only one.
I remembered it was quite a scary sight when I used to go Puduraya to catch a bus home when I was studying in KL. There were beggars of all kinds, scary.

The scenario on the first floor did not change over the past 7 years, the same shops, the same things sold. There were so many people, I was worried about security. Funny, 7 years back, I was not at all afraid, it did not even cross my mind that people would come harrased me or pick my pockets. Things are different now, not that I am loaded, just the general feel of security is different. It did not help that I did not dressed like the crowd.

There were families waitting for the bus, kids running around, babies sleeping in their mother's hand, old people, injured people etc. I could not imagine myself bringing Ryan to this place, I would have been petrified. Hubby would probably think I am paranoid again ...

It took me 10 mins to get to the machine and out of Puduraya, but the short walk brought back memories, memories which make me smile.

Good old Puduraya.

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