Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ryan in 21 month old today

My little darling is 21 month old today.
I am so proud of him!

Ryan is getting more and more mischevious by the day and he certainly has a bad temper!
My mum said what can I expect since both me and hubby are hot tempered ourselves.

Ryan to date has grown so much. We meaasured his height yesterday and he is now at 83cm, what a tall boy! He is also outgrowing his clothes and his shoes and I just cannot stop buying things for him.

Ryan understands most of what I say now although he may not always respond verbally. Most of the time he will nod in agreement or he will shake his head to signal disagreement. However, beware! when he does not like certain things, he will mutter a string of "words" which I truly do not understand ... but that does not stop him from saying it! He is also able to convey his needs through single words and lately he has progressed to stringing 2 words together. The only 3 word phrase he now says is "Kick the ball" .... as a result of mummy's interest in the World Cup no doubt. He has a real facination with balls ... hmm, maybe he will watch the next World Cup with me ... his daddy cannot understand the thrill of having 22 men chasing the ball across the 100m long field...sigh.

Although he is not even 2 years old yet, he has formed quite a character. For sure he is determined, nothing can stop this little fella when he wants to do something. He is also easily irritable, so please do not irritate him for no reason, he will scream the house down. BTW, his daddy likes to irritate him just to hear him scream....I know, it is annoying. He is also quite an eater, he will eat almost anything, although it is in small quantities. We now could not longer fool him with his "(S)picy food" ... cause he will sapu it anyway! Ryan is a loving boy too ... he will always come and look at me intently before he cups my face and give me a big fat kiss on my cheeks/ forehead/ nose .... lately this has extended to giving you a huge bite too!

Oh dear, I am missing him as I write this. Can't wait to get home to get another one of his big kisses!

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