Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ice-cream cravings

Last Saturday, I was craving for ice-cream.
The original plan was just to get a tub of Wall's from the mini market and that's it.
But then I was also craving to get out of the house and not having to look at my notes.
Hubby came back from work and took us out to 1-Utama.
We passed by Baskin & Robbins and decided we did not like the seating arrangement.
And so we headed straight to Haagen-Daaz.

There we were shown the menu and was recommended this steamboat look-a-like complete with its own chocolate bar. Hmmm .... sinful. We like it. It has 4 flavours of ice-cream, each has 4 little balls of it, some fruits, wafers, cookies and cakes. The chocolate pot is constantly heated with a little candle and there are some crushed nuts by its side.

The waiter there said that it is meant for 2-6 people. Well, we have only 2+1, but we managed to finish it without much problems!

It cost about RM63, but if you have Citibank Clear card, it is cheaper by 10%, althought it is still pricey!

Go try it if you have a huge craving for good ice-cream.

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