Monday, December 18, 2006

My weekend

Yesterday was my exam.

I was super stress and extremely nervous about it.
Hubby was a dear and drove me to the exam hall.
Mum and dad arrived in the morning to help take care of Ryan. Everyone was a dear.

The exam was over in a jiff, 2 hours of mind boggling questions and I felt so free after that.
I didn't know that the exam was giving me so much of pressure sub-consciously.

And what did I do after that?
Shopping! I left Ryan with hubby and went on retail theraphy with mum and dad.
Ever since I had Ryan, my time with mum and dad has been minimum, and so I thought I owe this to them.

We had a fun time in Metrojaya Mid Valley picking out Christmas trees and trimmings. Mum went overboard and got themselves a 6 feet pine tree and some gold trimmings. It was fun. I went overboard too and got a really nice gift for hubby and some for my team mates and the dear secretary.

As usual, it felt good to be able to give more than to receive. So I only got myself 3 bottles of ginger honey which is supposedly good for health. That's all.

And oh ya, after that we gathered at a vegie place in OKR and ate like pigs ... Ryan included.

It was a great weekend and oh ya, a contribution to the economy too.

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