Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Mega Bookworm

This morning there was a talk on MixFM on when we started reading, which book do we remember from our childhood days and how it all started.

For me, it all started from home. Yup, my mum instilled this in me and my brother. I cannot, however, remember exactly how she instilled it, but I remember my first books - there was a children's Bible, a Ladybird book, The Ugly Duckling (I can still remember the cover of this book) and then there was the Three Little Pigs (still remember the cover). I also had the encyclopedia - although this was a little boring.

I also remember my mum made me learn the spelling on the Ladybird books for a page before I was allowed to move on to the next page. It was not very fun but it helped build my vocabulary.

As I grew older, I began to read Enid Blyton - The Secret Seven, The Famous Five and The Five Find-Outers. Then there was the Wishing Chair series, The Naughtiest Girl in School series etc. After Enid Blyton, I began to read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and also Alfred Hitchcock's Trio (*blush* cannot remember their names).

And so these were my first books. Since then I have read almost all sorts of books .... however, there are 3 types of books which I do not read. Horror, science fictions/ fantasy stories and romance novels. For the life of me I cannot imagine why people want to read something to scare the living daylights out of themselves and I certainly do not intend to complicate my mind with science fictions/ fantasy stories. These are best left to the big screens. And I really cannot understand what is the point of reading fairy tale ending romance stories only to be drastically disappointed in real life. I say stick to the real romance of this world and forget about the mushy mushy stuff please.

My collection of books are growing out of hand. I am very willing to invest in books and I make sure that they are all wrapped and kept with care. Recently I have grown a huge collection of magazines too ... and they are also getting out of hand.

Do I read all of them? Well, most magazines are read end to end, whereas books are bought at a rate faster than I read. But I will read them nonetheless.

I hope I can instill this great habit in Ryan. I have begun buying him books and he now have quite a few too. He knows where they are kept and knows which to pull out for me to read to him or to talk about the pictures. It is really lovely being able to share books and knowledge.

Which good book have you been reading lately?

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