Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Violence in the household

In the last 2 weeks, Ryan has develop this violent behaviour - he throws things around and kicks people.

When he first did it, I already warned him not to do it to me. So, he knows he cannot hit nor kick mummy. But when he gets really upset with me, he will find the nearest wall and start knocking his head on it!!! It was really funny cause he will knock so hard that it is painful and he will start to cry.

Anyway, it is quite a task trying to help him outgrow this behaviour. People around me are suggesting that I spank him, but then he is only 21 months old .... he won't know why we have spanked him anyway. So, I will still try my reasoning approach. So far it has worked very well for me.

Hopefully he will outgrow this phase very quickly.


Anonymous said...

haha...Danial threw a lego block at me yesterday. It's corner hit my forehead and it was quite I exclaimed in pain and told him quite subtlely tat he shouldnt do tat..I even took the trouble to show him where the block hit me...

outcome...he cried instead! i had to explain slowly to him that i m in pain and that he has hurt me..took his hand to 'sayang' my forehead...ala he smiled..and nodded. I hope he understood.

I guess...alot of patience is needed huh..

Busy Bee said...

haha ... so funny.
Ryan did that to me too. He threw a wooden block and hit my forehead. It was bruised! Each time he hits me, I will pretend to cry. And everytime he sees me "crying", he howls even louder!!! LOL. Kids, they are really funny.