Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No 50 Jalan P***

This morning I was at a medical centre.
I wanted to get a third opinion about my gall stone problem and was refered to this medical centre in the centre of KL.

All this while when I pass through this place, I wondered about the kind of doctors who were there, the kind of patients who will visit this place and the kind of money one was charged.

I have never ever dreamed that I would be one of the patients walking through its doors (some more it was the back door). As I enter the medical centre, it felt like I was transformed into another day and age. While I was standing in front of the lift, it sort of felt a little creepy.

Once I was on the doctor's floor, I got out of the lift and still felt like I was in another time zone.

I was there actually for my gall stones, but decided to check out the eye doctor too since I suspected there was a fragment of contact lense still stuck in my eye.

The eye doctor was a short wait. I opened the door and there, sat in front of me, a elderly man with his spectacles and immediately had me thinking about whether this was a mistake. But I was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge and skills, especially when he was operating the computer and camera and then having my eye images playing back to me, explaining how my eyes were "beautiful", "no problems at all". Great, cost me RM100 for him to tell me that. Reassurance to me nontheless.

Then I waited for a while for the general surgeon who came highly recommended. I entered his clinic, same look and feel. Same old man sitting behind the table. This time, it was even more impressive cause he was talking and explaining with great detail. No rush, no hurry, just plain clarity. He felt my gall bladder, nodded his head, looked at my scans, exclaimed a little (in the course also frightened me a little), nodded more, beckoned me to sit and continued explaning my condition.

Although it is of no worry, he was saying that he thinks a surgery is needed and hence we had the date confirmed and the procedure was explained carefully. He was even concerned about how Ryan would cope when I am at the hospital etc. Such sweet man.

Both the doctors' clinic had a different feel to the regular ones we always go in to. Their office is full of medical journals, no space sparred. The furniture old, but still sturdy. The equipment nicely protected ... the keyboard for the computer is still nicely wrapped with its original plastic. The doctors here take great pride in their service. Many of them have passed their stage where money is the drive for coming to work. Some I heard have been there for so long, their medical certs are missing.

Versus what we usually have. The modern look of a clinic, a medical centre, a private hospital. Where fees are high and the doctors are not really interested in how you feel, what you go through, just hmm-i see-take this pill-you will feel better kind of service. No emphaty, no sense of achievement, no pride. I have been to clinics where there are like 10 different doctors there in the same clinic at different times of the day (or week) ... and nobody takes accountability of what was prescribed to you, blaiming the previous doctor for giving you "something I would not have given" and hence you did not get well!

Here at No 50 Jalan P***, things are a little different, things are from the yester-years.
Would I go again for other problems?

Hmm ... maybe I will actually.
Oh ya, they do not accept credit cards. Be forewarn.


wsl said...

sounds interesting..u went all the way to Pudu ah?

Busy Bee said...

Ya la I had to cause apparently the doctor I saw has good "workmanship". So I went. It is actually not too bad, just a little creepy sometimes.