Monday, December 4, 2006

Murder in my neighbourhood

People are crazy!

Last weekend, I read from the newspapers that there was this couple who poisoned their 3 sons and then attempted suicide on themselves. Apparently this was due to their unfortunate situation with Ah Longs.

I was bloody angry when I read this piece of news. It also stated that the parents actually survived their plight and the father says that "He has no regrets". Wah Lau! If I ever see him I would have slapped him hard and kicked him in his b**ls! Such idiots!!!

I felt such pity for the kids .... but then again with parents like these ... sigh.
For the entire day, I felt really sad, sad for the kids, sad for the existence of such people on earth, sad for mankind.

Oh how I wished the kids had a better option in life ...


mag in gz said...

yeah, it saddens me a lot when i see news like this. but then the ironic thing is that, on the opposite extreme, the kid's situation isn't any better.

in china, becos of the one child policy, kids are so very spoilt here, especially those from well-off families. i have a friend who teaches in an international school here, he says he saw kids who just drop their school bags on the floor when the parents come pick them up from school, and then walked away. so guess what? parent then pick up the bag and chase after the running kid.

which is more sad? i honestly do not know.

Busy Bee said...

yeah, we too have kids here who dropped their bags expecting parents/ maids to come pick it up. it is darn annoying!

Ryan, when you are able to read this, please do not expect mummy to do this for you ya?