Saturday, December 2, 2006

Mock exam

I am a little nervous now.
My mock exam is tomorrow and I am not even well prepared yet!

is my 4th paper and I have 2 more to go assuming I get through this one.
For those of you who do not know ... I am taking CFP - Certified Financial Planning.

I took this up 2 years ago at the spur of the moment without much thought, but I am glad I did it cause it is really interesting and it is very relevant to my daily life.

And so here I am, 2 more weeks to go and I am still not very prepared.
Hope I will get through this and somehow manage to pass it.... else it will be a waste of my precious money.


mag in gz said...

So how did it go?

Busy Bee said...

I chickend out the last minute and only attended the revision bit!

Yikes! Only 12 days more to go...wish me luck!