Friday, December 22, 2006

Fascination with balls

Ryan is crazy about balls, no matter what colour, size or texture, he will chase after them.

If you take him to the play centre, he is even more facinated and he will be running after every ball that crosses his path.

"Ball" is one of his first words, now that I think about it. He got the word when I was busy watching World Cup this year. This is his only 3 word phrase he can speak well - "Kick the ball!"

This photo was taken at the play centre where my colleague held his son's birthday bash. In the midst of it all, Ryan has even managed to make a few friends. As it was very near Ryan's sleep time, his eyes were half closing but he still continued to play with the balls.
Mummy is amused, but still cannot understand why balls are such fascinating items.

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