Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My little Ryan

These are some developments of little Ryan ....

About 1 week ago, Ryan has been able to swallow some water and spit it out when I brush his teeth. Of course, he is still swallowing most of it down, but still it is an achievement.

A couple of weeks back, we brought him to watch Happy Feet. Now he is able to understand what a penguin is and how a penguin walks. He even imitates it! I bought him a book on Penguins and now he will turn the pages and point out "Penguin egg ... mumm mumm!" and he will pretend to "eat" it! He even points to Mumble and say "Baby penguin".

In Happy Feet, Mumble was the funny little penguin who did not have a heart song, but was able to dance really well. Little Ryan now imitates Mumble and proclaim that "Penguin dancing!".

Last Saturday night, we had a little Christmas party amongst our condo community and there were competitions and dancing. Little ryan and I joined a game called "Paper Chase" and we won! we also had a dancing session and Ryan was shaking his butt off, although he was reluctant to go on stage. He was dancing on the floor and attracted an "older" lady to dance with him as well. Ryan then led her to the playground! This little dance of his lasted for a good 30 mins until mummy got tired just by watching him.

We have been trying to get Ryan to sleep on his bed for quite a while now. Last Sunday, he finally slept on his little cot during his afternoon nap. However, he shook his little head when it was night time and refused to get on his bed. Yesterday his daddy tried to put him to sleep in his bed and voila! Ryan finally slept there. Of course he got up in the middle of the night and wanted "Milk Milk", so we had to bring him up to our bed. An achievement nonetheless.

Today, I saw little Ryan actually jumping! What an achievement! He has been attempting this for quite a while but never really got his feet off the ground. Today he did it. I am so proud of him.

Hmm ... that is all for now.

Little Ryan ... when you can read this, know that mummy and daddy are so proud of every one of your achievements.

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