Friday, December 1, 2006

My 4th anniversary

Exactly a week ago, we celebrated our 4th anniversary.
It is diffucult to believe that 4 years have passed since we exchanged our vows.

24th November 2002.
I can still remember that day very well.
The night before we had the traditional custom of "Shiong Tau" where my mum combed my hair and presented me with 3 wishes - for us to have a long lasting marriage, for us to have plenty of decendants and the last one for us to have good like and health. It was very late and I had still not finished preparing the gifts for the guests to our dinner.
Thank goodness I had my 2 friends with me to help out with the wrapping of my Ferrero Roches and the laces and the ribbons etc.

The next morning, we had to wake up early to prepare for the arrival of my husband. I remember all the chaos that took place and the games my bridesmaids played on him and his friends. Nothing too mean, just proclaiming of his love, having him identify which lipstick mark is mine, reasons for marrying me and also an agreement to a list of my demands .... one of which is no housework!!! Yeah, right.

Before my husband arrived, my father came into my room to put the veil onto my head. It was a poignant moment for us. I had felt like I was leaving for good! The wedding planner was very good and he did his part of the "Tai Kam Che" very well.

After all the prayers were done, we had to "Cham Cha" (Tea Ceremony) for my parents and my brother had to do it to us too. The exchange of the tea with the jewellery my parents gave me was very touching. My father broke down and my mum was in tears. It was a very memorable moment for me and I guess I only realised then how much I would miss them.

The ride to KL was a long one. I imagined how my parents were feeling, I also thought about how life would change for me as a wife. I finally reached in the end and after all the customary stuff has been carried out, we sat down for a meal as a family - me and my in-laws.

After what felt like an eternity of being something on exhibition, we finally went to our new home. Our home which we had spent close to 2 years preparing. Steven, the wedding planner made my husband carried me into the house and into the bedroom. My husband actually heaved a sigh of relief when he finally put me down. I was actually thankful he did not drop me!

We spent the rest of the day preparing the dinner which we were having at the poolside. It was a beautiful place and till today, I still remember what it was like. One worry which we had was the weather. It was raining the whole week prior to that day. If history proves right, it will also rain on that night. And true enough it did! At about 4pm, the rain was turning into a storm and my husband was getting a little nervous.

We waited and then it stopped and then the guests arrived. All 200 of them. It was a bliss. We were nervous all througout the night, wondering when it will rain again. The entire night flew by. I remember I was so nervous, I barely ate. The guests had enough and some even managed to bring some food home. Steven was a dear, he helped "saved" a whole cake for us. The remaining 2 tiers of the cake was gone in a jiffy. My blueberry cake. The whole buffet dinner by the poolside was a great idea. Nobody fell into the pool that night - otherwise, we would have had quite a splash.

Everyone left by 12midnight. We went back to the poolside and sat for a while. Life has just begun for us .....

..... that was 4 years ago. We celebrated this year's anniversary by going out for dinner at Modesto's in Sri Hartamas and later to 1-U to watch Daniel Craig as James Boond 007. It was one of the longest dinner I ever had after Ryan was born, and it brought back lots of fond memories.

Looking forward to next year's ....


wsl said...

nice entry indeed..nothing sarcastic alas :p

Busy Bee said...

WSL - thanks for dropping by. I tried very hard not to include sarcasm in the entry ma .... scared you scold me.

mag in GZ said...

Wow, busy bee! Kudos to you and your loving hubby, four years! I am very happy for you indeed. Still remember that pool side party :D. Look forward to another pool side party in your xth anniversary :)

Busy Bee said...

Thanks Mag!
I look forward to many more years to come too!