Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Books and more books

Every time I walk into a book store, I swear that I will not buy another book, I would just browse and then walk out. Well, what do you know? I almost ALWAYS end up buying a book, or worse, 2 or more books!!!

Last week, I was so proud of myself cause I walked into Border's and managed to leave without a single purchase. The next day, I went to MPH and ended up buying 2 books for myself, 1 for my friend and a CD for little Ryan!!! Wah, everytime I buy books, it will easily cost me RM100+, there goes my credit limit!!

The bookshelf at home is already bursting with books and magazines. It is really amazing that I can still find any space to fit in any additional books at all! So in order not to clutter my house too much, I have resorted to keep some books at my office. And so as I am packing now, this begins to be a headache for me. I have to pack them in boxes and then unpack them again in my new office. And these boxes are really heavy!!

Aiya, I really have to stop buying leh, if only people stop writing/ people stop publishings .... that would really save me a lot of money!


Anonymous said...

Aah. A fellow sufferer. I have the same problem.

Can't resist buying books or magazines. Especially trashy magazines. They're my Archilles Heel. I love reading about gossip and fashion and all that crap. The problem is, when you read about all this stuff, then it gets you started thinking that your life is not complete until you own a pair of white jeans, which is an "absolute must in this season's wardrobe". And then you go shopping to look for "that" pair of white jeans. And then finally, you buy your "must-have" white jeans. And then you realise you absolutely can't find a pair of shoes in the bursting-at-the-seams shoe cabinet to go with the jeans. So you start looking for shoes. And then while you are shopping for shoes, voila! you chance upon a blouse that would go brilliantly with the pair of white jeans. It's a downward kamikaze spiral.

Having said that, I don't just read trash lah. My interests are varied. Anything from international politics to cook books.

And recently, I read a book on how to get young children grounded in the love of learning. Toddlers first realise that there is fun in books when parents read to them often (that's why its important to read to your kdis). By and by, they realise that the squiggles on the books actually tell a fun story. It fires off their curiousity and they're keen to know how to make sense of the squiggles on their own. That's how the love of reading is acquired.

The author encourages books, magazines, reading materials to be left around the house. When the toddler sees the people around him read, he begins to form the impression that reading is a part of life. And he/she gets used to picking up reading materials. They usually start playing with it. And as they get older, they'd imitate and explore. And it gets them started - building the foundation and inculcating the reading habit. Certainly cheaper than paying through your nose for some reading groups and plonking him there for a few hours in a week.

Busy Bee said...

Dear Anonymous,

Haha ... you are funny.
Thankfully I do not have to have the "season's fashion" but I do feel compelled to buy that "Must read" book/ magazine and there I go again to the book store.

Lately I have become a subscription freek. I am actually wondering how I am going to be able to fit in all the info in my head and all the books and mags on the shelf.

On top of that I also have problems finding time reading, but all this certainly does not deter me from buying more books!!!

Melissa Ellis said...

I love to read too. But I don't like nonfiction at all. Can you recommend any nonfiction books that might turn that around for me? Check out my blog: Smoky Mountain Grooves and see what I read, usually!