Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Off to Penang

I will be off to Penang from tomorrow till Sunday.
This is by far the longest that Ryan is separated from me.

Thank goodness my mum will be taking care of Ryan for me, otherwise, I would have been worried sick. I am not saying that hubby is not good with him, just that there is nothing compared to a female's touch.

So, come tomorrow, I will send Ryan to nanny's together with his clothes and all the necessary items plus car seat. And then my mummy will come fetch him sometime in the afternoon. For the past 2 days, I have been telling Ryan that Poh Poh will come to fetch him and he will stay with her for a few days ... his answer? "Hmm moi!!" translated to be "Don't Want!!!"
I will try again tonight to see if he changes his mind.

Whatever his answer is, I know for sure I will miss him terribly. Call me clingy, but I really cannot be away from him, so you can imagine my torment in Penang!

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