Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buying baby stuff

Yesterday, we brought Ryan to a baby store in ss2 to just get some basic stuff for the baby – clothes, powder puff, blanket etc. I had told Ryan that we were only going to get the baby stuff and there will be no toys buying for him. Of course he would have said “Yes” and agreed.

After playing with the toys there for about 20 mins, he came to me and asked what I was doing. He then proceeded to take a basket and began to load stuff for the baby – clothes, poder puff (he even got one for himself), then he also got her some shampoo, baby bath, baby oil etc. He even got a water tumbler for himself (a blue one) and a pink one for the baby (apparently it is the colour he thinks it is for girls).

It took me some 5 mins to convince him that the baby does not need all the stuff and he happily settled with some basics.
Check out his happy face with the basket in his hands : )

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