Sunday, November 30, 2008


DY introduced me to the concept of "Surprise!" when dealing with kids, esp. hers. When I heard about it, I did not have Ryan yet and so, this concept was difficult for me to accept.

However, hearing about all the wonderful feelings that this concept evokes, I decided to try it out with Ryan. Starting from about a year ago, I also practised this concept with Ryan with stickers, CDs, toys, music sometimes food etc.

Hubby was of the opinion that I was spoilling him, that it would get into a habit and then we would all be in trouble. However, I insisted as I thought that it was a brilliant seeing his delighted face. I was also being selfish, thinking that all will be ok when he outgrows it.

Last weekend, we were preparing to put up the Christmas tree and I told Ryan that we need to wait for his daddy to do it. Surprisingly, he told me that he wants to do it first to "surprise papa" when he gets home from work.

I could not believe that he actually said that! I am thinking that he probably got the idea that surprises are giving such great feelings that he wants to give in return to all the little surprises we have been giving him.

Needless to say, I used this to gloat to hubby saying that he has been wrong about spoilling him and that it has actually turned out to be a good thing. Hubby did not say anything, but this non-stop grinning gave him up - he agrees with me.

Anyway, the Christmas tree is up and we are all marvelling at the wonderful looking tree despite there are holes here and there to patch up.

Here's to the next surprise then!

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