Saturday, November 29, 2008

The BIG "R" Number

Sometime ago, I had written about the campaign which Prudential was running called What's your number?

Today, I took it's calculation on the net and found that my retirement number is a staggering RM3,487,456 in today's dollars, assuming that I retire at 55 years old, giving me 21 years more to accumulate this amount.

Now, at the first glance, this may seem to be a really big sum, but after thinking about it for a while, this amount may actually seem reasonable. Look at all the things that are currently priced out there, everything from the basic necessities to the not-so-necessary items. Everything is going up in prices year after year, if not by the months.

And this amount is only taking into account what I would need, and have not factored in hubby's numbers nor has it taken into account the kids' education funds. I am guessing if I relay this info to hubby, he is going to freak out and reinforce his thinking that we do not need to think so much about the future and the numbers etc.

But then I am thinking, if both of us are not concerned about these numbers, who will be taking charge of it? And more importantly, how will we make it? I guess that is why so many people nowadays either cannot afford to retire or they face difficulties in their retirement years.

For sure, I am not willing to compromise my healthcare nor my nutrition in my older years, nor do I want to give up my house nor the little things that makes me happy, so I am determined to meet these projected numbers of how much I need in the future.

Now, do you know what is YOUR RETIREMENT number?

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Anonymous said...

yes.. and maybe that is why people are immigrating overseas?