Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 32?

I went to see the gynae on Thursday and he said that I am in my week 32, so much for helping me figure out my correct week number.

But anyway, I have already decided that the baby will come early January (depending on the date that the feng shui guy gives me) and that it will be a caesarean with a GA. That's that now.

The weeks leading up to that is another thing though. There will be a whole lot of cleaning and preparing and also not forgetting getting Ryan in the mood too. There will also be the pre-opening of school and orientation for the parents on the 2 of Jan 2009, hopefully I can settle Ryan in his KG 4 before i go off to get the new one in.

I have also started to buy presents and wrapping them up, to be given to Ryan when he meets his little sister. I have yet to bring him to buy her the coming home suit and the present he will be giving her.

So, if Week 32 is correct, I have technically 8 weeks more to go, so much things to do, seems so little time since I am only giving myself 6 weeks as a date line. Till my next gynae visit then.


Anonymous said...

aiya, why c-sec birth? Why not try natural birth? I wanted natural so much, but unable to :(


Busy Bee said...

no la dear, i would have pengsan recalling the last (failed) attempt