Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nobody loves me!

Yesterday Ryan was drumming his fingers on the dining table and I scolded him for being rude. He then tried drumming it lightly and still, he got scolded.

He then hurriedly left the dining table and went to the sofa sulking and pouting his lips ... and then he said "Nobody loves me!". This is because I told him his daddy also had the same stand on the manners as I did.

I was trying very hard not to laugh and hubby hurriedly went to reassure him that we do love him although his manners are also important. He burst out crying while hugging hubby, all the while claiming nobody loves him.

This, emotional blackmail, coming from a 3 year old. Aiya, they do start young don't they?


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maggie said...

babe, i think ryan has already begun to feel jealous about his soon-to-arrive sibbling rival. leann was acting funny for a while too when levena arrived. kids today are way too smart and tender. handle with care :)