Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ryan's thinking

On the way home from buying the baby's stuff, he asked me in the car ....

RYAN: Mummy, the doctor will cut your stomach to take out the baby?
ME: Yes
RYAN: Then he will cut my little sister?
ME: No, no, he will be very careful, he will only cut mummy's stomach, he will not hurt the baby.
RYAN: Oh, then how will he fix your stomach?
ME: (I stopped to think about his question for a while since I had not thought that he knew what "fix" was) well, he will stitch mummy up with a needle.
RYAN: Then no blood ah?
ME: Got, that is why you cannot jump on mummy's stomach lor.
RYAN: Ok, I don't do that. I sayang only.

Wasn't that sweet? Sure made my night despite being awfully tired.

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